Addicted to Hot Indie Chicks

Así se presenta un grupo de Facebook que me he encontrado hoy

This group is for you if:

*The girls of the Urban Outfitters catalogue are your Victoria’s Secret Angels.

*You like girls whose ideal date is dinner, drinks, a show, and more drinks.

*She would rather watch a Wes Anderson flick than “The Notebook”

*Knows the difference between an EP and a LP.

*Owns records (bonus points for 7” records).

*Loves or hates Conor Oberst

*Reads Pitchfork, Stereogum, or another music blog more than Cosmopolitan.

*Shops for clothes at a thrift store.

* Has 1” pins of her favorite bands on her purse, bag, hoodie.

* is anti-conformity, yet was seen in the TRL audience last tuesday. (courtesy of Nick)

Francamente, no me importaría toparme con Hot Indie Chicks como estas más a menudo...

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