Since the dawn of time

Since the dawn of time man has been curious about his existence.
In a world that doesn't make sense, What is the answer?
We think we are in control but, are we?
could it be another source thatis controlling our destiny?

Thoughts, emotions, feeling, movement... can it really possible for the group conciousness to be affected by such an entity?
Or are sonic impulses taking over our true reality?
Those who have experienced it they never forget about it, those on the frames look in
some with anger
some with a desire to be part of the heavily collected embrace by such fascination.

Those that apreciated that sounds are in awe of the creators.. But beyond that they are taken by the atmosfere within.
Are those creators i speak of the shapers of life?
Or are we simply falling through a predetermined matrix?
The originator of rhythm comes to the beat of your heart.
Now That beat has become the center of our lives, with MUSIC at the core.

This is the source i'm speak of. One which brings a new wave of inspiration with each pulse.
the creator is indeed man, but i think we all now where the power really

comes from.
To understand is to be but to be taken requires

 A State of Trance.
Now,lets get lost in what no fantasy can represent
This Was your year 2006.

part 1

part 2


Nos vemos el año que viene!


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